Become UiPath specialist

in 4 months

and get your first official UiPath Diploma recognition, mentored by Experts

We know tech might be intimidating but we are here to make it easier

& even fun :)

We organized multiple trainings and bootcamps, so we figured out a way to make gaining tech skills more approachable and easy to follow along.

Why is this boot camp the right one for you?

  • 1

    Mentored by experts

    We want to offer you a complete learning experience. That's why we brought you 3 mentors in the program, so that you get the most knowledge in the shortest time possible.

  • 2

    Video lessons on demand

    The live training curriculum you will also have as video lessons. Learn anytime, anywhere and clarify what you miss in the live meetings

  • 3

    Homeworks and hands on experience

    Practice what you have learned by building robots to help you get rid of repetitive actions. Plus, you get feedback on what you have worked.

  • 4

    Feedback all along your learning journey to guide you

    We want you to learn the easiest way: from your mistakes.

want to see

a robot in action?


Why RPA?

High Demand

The RPA interest increased more than 10x times over the last 4 years, and there is already a demand for RPA developers. 

Most of the companies adopt RPA because they reduces costs and avoids human mistakes!

Job Market

There are over 47 000 jobs available in Europe and over

93 000 in United States

Check out the available jobs in
Europe and in the USA.

Easy adoptable for multiple industries

RPA is flexible and it can reduce the tasks in many industries:

Financial (fraud, loans, invoices)
E-commerce (products migration, invoice debt)
Retail (supply planning, order management)
Health (laboratory work, papwerwork digization)
Sales (reporting, invoices, inventory)
HR (benefits, employee management, payroll)
+ more.

Every department has repetitive work.

That's why more companies decide to adopt this technology to reduce the costs and human error.


For more use-cases, check the official UiPath webpage.

Bootcamp Curriculum

We will simplify the information for you and give everything you need to automate and change your career as UiPath Developer

RPA opportunities

RPA is growing 30% yearly since all industries can benefit from it to reduce the operational costs

How to automate

Web or desktop application, you will learn to create automations for any application

Avoiding mistakes

As a beginner, you will make mistakes. You will learn how to evolve and not repeat them!

RPA & PDF files

Learn how to automate working with PDF files to maximize your productivity.


RPA & Excel files

Be confident reading & writing Excel files and use the information in your applications.



We know that practicing is improving your skills. You will have homework and receive feedback to them!



  • Week 1

    Orientation and introductory concepts

    Introduction to the RPA Developer Role: expectations

    Getting started with UiPath Solution

    Types of automations that you can create with UiPath Studio

  •  Week 2

    Key elements in the robot development

    How to create a robot: manual vs auto mode

    Types of actions that a robot can perform

    Link multiple actions to create a flow

    Types of arguments that actions can have

    How to pass and receive the result for multiple actions

    Practice: create our first robot

  • Week 3

    Programming concepts as an RPA developer

    Variables, type of variables, variable scopes

    Use specific types of specific data

    Learn to use data types and best practices

    Controlling execution of a robot

  • Week 4

    Interact with any application elements

    Arguments, directions, why do we need them

    More data types: use dates/times, manipulate money

    Learn to create a robust selector

    Identify any visual element on the screen from any application

    Complete set of data types and their usage

    Create parts of a robot and reuse

  • Week 5

    Working with Excel

    Read/write various Excel files (CSV, XLSX)

    Excel activities and best practices to use them

    Create tables with a given structure

    Add/remove columns/rows

    Filter data by given columns

    Practice: create a robot

  • Week 6

    Avoiding mistakes and prerequisites in working in a team

    How to plan a project to develop faster with a team

    Setup a repository for avoiding mistakes

    Create a savepoint

    Revert when you make a mistake

    Control block examples

  • Week 7

    Unstable selectors & data scraping

    Extract tabular information from webpages/desktop

    Extract product details (text, link, images) in a table

    Save extracted information to an Excel file

    Identify visual elements that are generated dynamically

    Practice: create an automation with a dynamic application

  • Week 8

    Organizing the project

    How to create parts of robots that are used

    Naming conventions for folders, files

    Following best practices

  • Week 9

    Email automations & filtering

    Send email with different protocols

    Read emails/find specific emails

    Build complex filters

  • Week 10

    Investigations & exceptions

    Steps to follow when identifying errors

    Stopping robot execution

    Available panels: how to use them

    Types of errors you may encounter

    How to identify the specific problem

  • Week 11

    Work with PDF files

    Prerequisites for a robot to manipulate PDF files

    Read from PDF files

    Extract specific information from PDF files

  • Week 12

    Robots in the cloud

    Using Orchestrator

    Presenting the cloud infrastructure

    Run a robot in the cloud

  • Week 13

    Designing enterprise robots

    When to use/to not use REFramework


    Steps that a REFramework project has

    Modifying the project for your project

    Bugs/features of REFramework

    Enhancing the REFraemwork

  • Week 14

    Maching Learning

    When using Machine Learning (ML)

    Types of ML available

    External services: scenario comparison

  • Week 15,16

    Interview preparation & knowledge sharing

    Preparation for diploma & interview

    Typical mistakes made at interview

    Knowledge sharing

Your involvement


6h/week to work individually


We estimate you need an additional 4-6h/week for self study and do your homework.

Monday/Wendsday evening free


Every Monday we will have a meeting where we will set the progress and objectives for the current week

Practice & get feedback



We will clarify your answers so you get the most in the shortest time possible

Denisa Nine

RPA Developer @UiPath

We have refined our content to be easy to follow by anyone who wants to learn

You don't need to have any prior technical knowledge before applying to our mentoring program

What's included?


You will have access to 50 hours of video content with all the notions explained.
You can study anytime, anywhere

Weekly meetings


Every Monday we will have a meeting where we will set the progress and objectives for the current week

Q&A sessions


Every question will be responded by our mentors. Also, you will receive constant feedback and help to get your UiPath Developer Diploma


Bogdan Burdalescu

Technical Lead/ Developer

Efficient teaching method

A clear and efficient teaching method, an excellent course. Thank you.

Anca Tanasescu

Marketing Manager

Simple knowledge

Yes, good match, interesting presentation, simple language, perfect for me as a non programmer. Well done!

Paul Apostol

Chief Technology Officer

Good overview

A good overview of the RPA possible implementations.

Horia Matei Teodorescu

Former student

Good quality course

I recommend the course to anyone who wants to taste the programming experience or wants to see how to program efficiently and quickly, with the help of an ecosystem oriented on the efficiency of work.

Charbel Kharrat

Former Student

Very interesting course

Antonio Cristian

Former student

Before finishing the course I already made the first robot

Compared to other courses, the advantage of this Bootcamp is given by the weekly sessions in which Daniel practically facilitates the learning process. It is much easier to assimilate the information if someone explains it to you live, you do exercises and you can always ask what you did not understand. Before finishing the course I already made the first robot for professional purposes.


Is this Course Right for You?

  • You want to enter tech field and learn a top level skill

  • You want to change your job for a better paid one

  • You want to learn how to automate processes at work to be more productive

At the end, you will be able to:


Build functional robots





Get your UiPath Diploma

Know the fundamentals of RPA




  • Weekly live meetings

  • 16 group mentoring sessions

  • 4 months of class training

  • Personalized training




      • Weekly live meetings

      • 16 group mentoring sessions

      • 4 months of class training

      • Personalized training

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