If you are not increasing your wage

as Senior UiPath RPA Developer, I can help

Learn everything you need to know to become a Senior RPA Developer. You don't need to have any technical background, I will guide you throughout the whole process and teach you real life skills that will get you hired in one of the most paid industries in the world.

Why This Course is Good for you?

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    You will learn you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a Senior UiPath developer

    You won't need to search among thousands of websites to find the right knowledge. I will teach you everything you need to be skilled and also gain the certifications that get you hired.

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    You will go through all the stages from beginner to advanced

    You will learn and build robots on every stage, you will be capable of solving and understanding problems on everystage of development. So at the end of the course, you will be well experienced.

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    You will build real robots throught the learning process

    You will learn applied knowledge. I will teach you how to build real robots based on the knowledge you acquire so that you not only know "how" but also be capable of "doing"- which is what matters ultimately.

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    I will teach you how to get all the certifications you need to get a job in the industry

    To get hired in the industry as a Senior UiPath Developer you need 2 certifications to prove your knowledge. I will teach you how to pass the two exams in order to become certified.

Here's What You'll Get!

A complete course that includes lessons from beginner to expert stages that will provide you with a broad understanding of the knowledge required in the workfield. You will create actual robots from the beginning so that the knowledge turns into actual skill.





Your Mentor

Daniel Tilă

I am a trainer and co-founder of Automation Pill - a company specialized in business process automation. Some of the projects we have automated can be found here: https://automationpill.com/case-studies.html

My background

I have been working in the tech industry - software development field, for over 10 years and I've been creating automations for more than 3 years.


I have a book about scaling an application, been a CTO to a game company, and I am responsible for creating & managing the game CleverEver - Available for Android.


I have worked in the development and design of software solutions for banks, accounting offices, real estate, aeronautics, and automotive.

I have accumulated what I do very well to support myself from this and I want to share it with people who want to get where I am already.


My mission

Find my activity


From zero to RPA Developer

Learn how to become a UiPath RPA Developer and build automation robots in 3 steps:

1. Theory - all you need to get you started

  • Understand how you identify elements on the screen like buttons or text fields
  • How you do data manipulation

2. Practical robots. Build robots that:

  • Download information from the internet
  • Send emails with/without attached documents
  • Read email inbox with attached documents
  • Scrape PDF documents
  • Read/write Excel files

3. Explains the quiz sections required to get the RPA Developer Certification


Become a recognized Advanced Developer

Pass the UiPath Developer Advanced test and get the diploma recognition, step-by-step. Learn to use:

  • Learn how you resolve the first problem required to pass the RPA Advanced diploma (Client Hash)
  • Learn how you resolve the second problem required to pass the RPA Advanced diploma (Yearly Report)
  • Learn how you deploy processes in a company and minimize maintenance


Build scalable robots

Be confident about being an RPA Developer in a team.

  • Split the robot into two processes, for a better scaling

  • How you create an agreement between two processes

  • Organize folders, name your workflows

  • Basic notions with UiPath Orchestrator

Build robots that:

  • Replay unlimited times a YouTube video

  • Dealing with Orchestrator queues

  • With the producer-consumer pattern

As a bonus, you will also get the elements of working with Source Control - which is a must when you work in a team, as:

  • How you can split the work in parallel

  • Create a local and remote repository

  • Various methods to undo, if you did something by mistake

  • Deal with conflicts

  • Revert the source code of the robot in time

  • See how the solution looked months ago


Work with any source of data

LINQ is a way that helps you to transform ANY source of data in ANY format that you want: from Excel files to XAML, JSON files and UiPath Selectors.
By using LINQ to develop robots, you will:

  • Decrease the number of activities

  • Decrease the testing time

  • Transform data efficiently

  • Make your robot work faster

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand LINQ and how to apply it

  • Understand data collections and sets

  • Basic & advanced filtering

  • Grouping by fields

  • Computing aggregates

  • Merge multiple sources of data

  • Combine more activities at the same time

  • Understand Lambda functions

We will build a robot that uses LINQ queries combined with:

  • Reads Excel files with 100.000 rows each

  • Writes, as a result in a new Excel file with new columns

Everything you need in one platform with easy access

You will find all the video lessons, assignments, and latest updates in one place accessible from anywhere - phone, laptop, tablet, you name it. No more endless browsing across the internet for the best knowledge available.

Acces now the best education in the field from a true expert in one place.

Value your time!


Bogdan Burdalescu

Technical Lead/ Developer

Efficient teaching method

A clear and efficient teaching method, an excellent course. Thank you.

Anca Tanasescu

Marketing Manager

Simple knowledge

Yes, good match, interesting presentation, simple language, perfect for me as a non programmer. Well done!

Paul Apostol

Chief Technology Officer

Good overview

A good overview of the RPA possible implementations.

Horia Matei Teodorescu

Former student

Good quality course

I recommend the course to anyone who wants to taste the programming experience or wants to see how to program efficiently and quickly, with the help of an ecosystem oriented on the efficiency of work.

Charbel Kharrat


Very interesting course

Thank you Daniel Tilă for this amazing course.

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a powerful component of .NET Framework that could be used in Uipath to make the robots more robust and efficient, more specifically in cases where we are dealing with large data.

Antonio Cristian

Former student

Before finishing the course I already made the first robot

Compared to other courses, the advantage of this Bootcamp is given by the weekly sessions in which Daniel practically facilitates the learning process. It is much easier to assimilate the information if someone explains it to you live, you do exercises and you can always ask what you did not understand. Before finishing the course I already made the first robot for professional purposes.


Is this Course Right for You?

We created the best course for the right people, so if the criteria below suit you, come along the journey :)


  • Have a single place for content that you need

  • You want to increase your wage with a better paid job

  • You want to learn how to automate processes at work to be more productive

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your purchase and don't feel like it meets your needs or expectations, we give your money back.

We want happy clients, so if you buy it and it doesn't suit you, we return you what you paid.

Daniel Tilă

Founder, Automation Pill

Why to choose this course?

We want to make sure that you make the best decision when choosing which course to follow so here are a few more reasons why this course is not just different than other courses but complete and easy to follow along.

Lifetime acces on the platform to all the future updates

Buy this course now and you will have lifetime acces to all the future updates with no extra ¢ paid. We will continuously update the course so that you have access to the most relevant and fresh information in the field in any moment.

Top knowledge from a certified expert in the field

It's important to learn from somebody who knows what he's talking about. Daniel has >10 years of experience in the field, so the information he provides comes from experience and real life case studies not only books.

Small video-duration lectures

The average lesson is 5 minutes. They are searchable, so you get a response as quickly as possible.

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