High Demand

The RPA interest increased more than 10x times over the last 4 years, and there is already a demand for RPA developers. 

Most of the companies adopt RPA because they reduces costs and avoids human mistakes!

Job Market

Easy adoptable for multiple industries

From non-technical to Senior RPA Developer


What our customer say:

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Efficient teaching method

A clear and efficient teaching method, an excellent course. Thank you.

Bogdan Burdalescu

Technical Lead/ Developer

Simple knowledge

Yes, good match, interesting presentation, simple language, perfect for me as a non programmer. Well done!

Anca Tanasescu

Marketing Manager

Good quality course

I recommend the course to anyone who wants to taste the programming experience or wants to see how to program efficiently and quickly, with the help of an ecosystem oriented on the efficiency of work.

Horia Matei Teodorescu

Former student

Before finishing the course I already made the first robot

Compared to other courses, the advantage of this Bootcamp is given by the weekly sessions in which Daniel practically facilitates the learning process. It is much easier to assimilate the information if someone explains it to you live, you do exercises and you can always ask what you did not understand. Before finishing the course I already made the first robot for professional purposes.

Antonio Cristian

Former student

Good overview

A good overview of the RPA possible implementations.

Paul Apostol

Chief Technology Officer

Very interesting course

Thank you Daniel Tilă for this amazing course.

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a powerful component of .NET Framework that could be used in Uipath to make the robots more robust and efficient, more specifically in cases where we are dealing with large data.

Charbel Kharrat

Former student

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